Island Baptist Church, South Padre Island, TX

Videos from 2016

Using the buttons below you can access a sampling of the 2016 sermons in video format.
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Line800x2(12/25/16) Christmas Today – Greg Judd

Line800x2(12/18/16) Christmas – THE GREAT ADVENTure III

Line800x2(12/11/16) Christmas – THE GREAT ADVENTure II

Line800x2(12/04/16) Christmas – THE GREAT ADVENTure

Line800x2(11/27/16) Fix The Big Thing – Greg Judd

Line800x2(11/20/16) Psalms – Thanksgiving

Line800x2(11/13/16) Psalms – Bible Song III

Line800x2(10/23/16) Psalms – Bible Song II

Line800x2(10/16/16) Psalms – Bible Song

Line800x2(10/09/16) Psalms – What Is Worship II

Line800x2(10/02/16) Psalms – What Is Worship

Line800x2(09/25/16) Psalms – Stay Thirsty My Friends

Line800x2(09/18/16) Psalms – What To Do When You Have Blown It III

Line800x2(09/11/16) Love Choices – Greg Judd

Line800x2(09/04/16) Psalms – What To Do When You Have Blown It II

Line800x2(08/28/16) Psalms – What To Do When You Have Blown It

Line800x2(08/21/16) Psalms – God’s Way in the Wilderness

Line800x2(08/14/16) Psalms – The Sheperd’s Care IX

Line800x2(08/07/16) Psalms – The Sheperd’s Care VIII

Line800x2(07/31/16) Psalms – The Sheperd’s Care VII

Line800x2(07/24/16) Psalms – The Sheperd’s Care VI

Line800x2(07/17/16) Psalms – The Shepherd’s Care V

Line800x2(07/10/16) Psalms – The Shepherd’s Care IV

Line800x2(07/03/16) Psalms – The Shepherd’s Care III

Line800x2(06/26/16) Psalms – The Shepherd’s Care II

Line800x2(06/19/16) Psalms – The Shepherd’s Care

Line800x2(06/12/16) Psalms – You Need a Shepherd

Line800x2(06/05/16) Psalms – If the Foundations Are Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do

Line800x2(05/29/16) Horse Sense – Greg Judd

Line800x2(05/22/16) Psalms – Where Is God When I Need Him? – Bryan Waddell

Line800x2(05/15/16) Psalms – A Little Lower Than The Angels

Line800x2(05/08/16) Psalms – When I Consider The Heavens II

Line800x2(05/01/16) Psalms – When I Consider The Heavens

Line800x2(04/24/16) Psalms – Rumors, Innuendos, and Slander II

Line800x2(04/17/16) Psalms – Rumors, Innuendos, and Slander

Line800x2(04/10/16) Psalms – Peace in the Face of Life’s Greatest Challenges II

Line800x2(04/03/16) Psalms – Peace in the Face of Life’s Greatest Challenges

Line800x2(03/27/16) Psalms – Forsaken

Line800x2(03/20/16) Psalms – Not Following The Script